Clean Renewable 24/7 power 

BUT, we must act within a 5-year window. Many old, dirty powerplants are scheduled to be decommissioned, but we don’t have new 24/7 capable technology to replace these plants. Unless something new arrives on the scene very soon, we will have no choice but to build with yesterday’s technology and that will mean another half century of burning fossil fuels!

It is imperative and yet inevitable that we will transition from burning fossil fuels to clean renewable energy. Imperative because while mining the fuels, transporting them, preparing them to burn them, and then getting rid of the aftermath and disposing of the waste heat; at each step, it is devastating our planet.
that we will transition to clean renewable energy.
It’s the renewable part….. Fossil fuels are consumables.
And eventually, we WILL consume them all.

Currently, about 80% of the world's power is produced by converting heat into electricity. The questions are where did you get your heat and what percentage is thrown away.

Unfortunately, most of the heat comes from burning fuels and only about 1/3rd of the energy produces electricity; 2/3rds needs to be discarded. And if not discarded properly it can cause even more problems.

We Will Fix This!

Our Technology is by Far the…
  • Most Efficient
  • Least Expensive
  • Most Sustainable

…way to convert heat into electricity.

And our heat source is the very waste heat we need to dispose of. Win-Win (In a second phase we will add geothermal, for an inexahaustabe supply of clean heat)

Waste Heat Recovery
What's so great about recovering waste heat? First, like Ben Franklin said, "a dollar saved is a dollar earned" ….for every megawatt of heat we reclaim, that's one megawatt that doesn't need to be generated by burning something.

And secondly, the process most often used to toss the waste heat is destructive. Take nuclear power plants, 74% of them dump their heat into lakes rivers, and mostly into the ocean, because, what could possibly go wrong!

Coral reefs supply the whole food chain and they are under attack from the changes to the ocean.
Nukes pump water that is heated +20° into our oceans…
10’s of billions of gallons… Each hour, 24/7.

BTW, the other 26% of waste heat goes up chimney stacks and a lot of those use evaporative cooling, which means one plant can evaporate millions of gallons of freshwater each year.

By capturing that wasted heat and putting it to work, we will help shutter the dirtiest power plants!

We will produce clean
renewable 24/7 energy

The variable clean energy sources such as wind and solar energy, are of course, crucial. But they can't provide 24/7.
We must replace baseload
with baseload.

So, without new technology, yesterday's power plants will be built yielding another +40 years of burning fossil fuels.

Fortunately, we ARE that new technology.

The Updraft Tower is by Far the

  • Most Efficient
  • Least Expensive
  • Most Sustainable

…way to convert heat into electricity.

Leonardo DaVinci first realized that heat rising in a chimney can be put to work, spinning a turbine.
Our simple system works much the same way and with only a handful of moving parts. Hot air rises and spins the turbine, the turbine spins a generator and the heat continues up the tower.

We will acquire our heat from two sources:
  • Waste heat from power plants and industrial plants.
  • Geothermal heat will be endless supply of energy.

Our geothermal and waste heat recovery will make the building of new fossil fuel plants unnecessary

Please help us add Terawatts of clean, renewable electricity worldwide.

The "Clean Terawatts" Technology
meets these crucial nine criteria.

We can't destroy the world in order to save it.

Which is why the name of the company is Clean Terawatts. A terawatt is a billion KWs. We need to think on a bigger scale, a few megawatts doesn't cut it.

Because it can be built inexpensively, it will be attract investments and scale up quickly.

Our tech is buildable almost anywhere.

Quick to Market
We will roll out all over the world - quickly.

Reliability and Staying Power
Think of the Hoover dam, virtually the same system for 76 year.

We must replace baseload with baseload or we are not part of the solution. Variable renewables like wind and solar are necessary, but our goal is to help shutter all fossil-fuel plants and 24/7 dispatchable electricity is crucial.

No Greenhouse Gas
No greenhouse gas-emitting from production, and minimal impact during manufacturing and construction.

Consumption of fuel means years of mining, refining and transportation. This cannot be part of the new technology.

News Release
We just signed a contract with the nonprofit, Los Angeles Cleantech Incubator, LACI. We were incubated with their sister entity, The CleanTech Open and now LACI's "Advanced Prototyping Center" will fabricate, erect on-site, and test our demo Updraft Tower. Being as it is our first Updraft Tower, it will generate a modest output that will match the predictions of the computer simulations (CFD) that we spent over a year optimising. We will introduce a specific amount of heat into the tower and measure the resulting output to demonstrate the high conversion efficentcy of our Updraft Tower design.

William Fiege

(310) 897-1298